Psalms of Ascent Benchmark of Sacrifice: Home

psalms of ascent

First Read Luke 9:57-58

"Home" - Megan Henry

There is a roof I call my own in the Pacific Northwest. It covers me. And a house in the Ohio countryside of my father’s design, worth twenty years of building. When we were working I would wonder, “Dad, how did you learn to build a home?” He answered, “I watched my father.” Selah

It is hard to think in this place. Babies cry for breast milk and the body breaks for rest Untouchable by sleep. Sitting within the brick and mortar, The beams held high and kept by steel and sweat, all passing. The impatient surge of fervency for maintenance ever present. Selah

I have not seen my Home. But It permeates the dawn and dusk, Each present breath speaks the name of mystery and truth. I am so close. It is so close. And there is nothing I crave more, for my home defines my rest. I am in it now, but not yet. Selah

I watched my Father. Selah

Pay attention. He builds and brings forth over time along the journey. Here we build so slowly something which remains unseen. Speaking through Spirit, through a fragrance we remember Through the rhythm of beating blood playing towards direction, Through thick minutes and quick years we hear the invitation Cultivating longing. We pay attention. We walk towards Home. Selah


Look at the encounters Jesus had with three of his disciples. He challenges the comfortable disciple (vs. 57-58), the convenient disciple (vs. 59-60) and the distracted disciple (vs. 61-62). Which disciple do you relate to the most?

Clearly Jesus is not calling us to neglect our family or the responsibilities before us. But he is calling us to follow him, listening intently for what that may look like on a daily basis. Comforts, convenience and preserving our life choices can easily get in the way of following Jesus. How have these three things kept you from following Him?

Take a moment to listen to the Holy Spirit and ask him to reveal any idolatry that may be present in your life.

Turn from your sin and turn your face toward Christ.