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Imago Dei is committed to seeing new initiatives that serve our city spring up from its members. In that spirit, we are hoping to award several grants to empower people in our church body to launch new Imago Dei ministries that declare the Gospel in both word and deed to our city.

The missional grant's primary purpose is to support those at Imago Dei who are seeking to launch and lead new strategic, missional ministries that mobilize the body of Christ at Imago Dei into loving, serving and prophetically engaging our city and world for the glory of God.


The following criteria can help you determine whether the missional grant is a good fit for you and your proposal. Please note that some of these criteria have been added or clarified over the years and may differ from that of prior years, as we have sought to continually refine and hone the missional grant.

New: Missional grants are designated specifically towards the launching of new ministries or initiatives. Existing ministries are welcome to apply, but the missional grants' board will be seeking to determine to what extent the applicant's proposal is towards the launching of a new initiative. Past recipients of missional grants are welcome to apply again as well, but the Missional Grants Board will be seeking to determine to what extent the applicant's proposal is towards the launching of a new initiative.

Local: Missional grants are designated specifically towards local ministries or initiatives to our city of Portland and the surrounding region. International ministries fall outside the scope and parameters of the missional grant. If you have an idea for an international ministry or initiative that you believe may tie-in with our international partnerships in Vietnam or Cambodia, please contact Josh Butler to explore other potential avenues for partnership: .

Church-centered: Missional grants are intended towards the launching of Imago Dei ministries that mobilize our church body for ministry to the city. We believe non-profits play an important and strategic role in our city, but the missional grant addresses a different niche and is not generally intended to go towards the ongoing funding related to startup, staffing, and maintenance of a non-profit. Non-profits are welcome to apply if it is an initiative that helps equip and serve the church body at Imago Dei in mission to the city and a member of Imago Dei is identified who is a mature follower of Jesus, connected to the non-profit, and committed to playing a leadership role in mobilizing a team from the church for the initiative, but the Missional Grants Board will be seeking to determine to what extent the applicant's proposed initiative serves or supplements the our mission as a local church body.


These are things we are looking for that will make a strong application. Not having all of these does not disqualify the application, but thinking through how your initiative addresses these components will make for a stronger application.

1. Embody the Gospel: How does this ministry initiative help Imago Dei embody the presence of Christ to our city / world? What is it about who God is, what God does and what God cares about that makes this initiative significant from a gospel-perspective?

2. Word & Deed: how does this initiative provide opportunity to care for people both physically and spiritually? How do you envision people experiencing the love of Christ as a result of this initiative in both word and deed, action and articulation, presence and proclamation?

3. Mobilizing the Body of Christ: What opportunities does this ministry initiative provide for followers of Jesus at Imago Dei (and beyond) to put their faith into action?

4. Strategic: In what ways does this initiative meet a strategic need at this time and place? Are we reinventing the wheel or is someone else already meeting this need sufficiently and well?

5. Specific: One the goals this initiative will be seeking to address so you have a specific focus you can do well with quality rather than being too broad and ambiguous.

6. Sustainable: How many volunteers and what kind of leadership team does this initiative need to work well and be sustainable for the long haul (avoiding burnout)?

7. Capital Costs: Our ministries are volunteer-led and missional grants are intended to go to capital costs to launch the ministry, not to salary. Generally speaking, applications seeking salary will not be considered unless a strong case can be made for the initiative's unique ability to meet the above criteria and metrics strongly and the initiative's unique necessity of a salaried position to launch it that can find other ways to achieve sustainability in future years beyond the missional grant.

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