Imago Dei Community began as an experiment in looking to the Bible together and asking the simple question, Why?

Rather than building a community on methods—seeking to assert HOW Imago Dei would go about loving and serving and growing—the idea was to build community on a prayerful study of the Scriptures so that the actual people forming Imago Dei would know God's answers to WHY – why study Scripture, why do community, why preach the gospel, why love the world?

By building on this open, communal, prayerful study of Scripture, Imago Dei became centered around a few key convictions:

Jesus Christ is the world's saving King
The Historical Christian Faith has deep riches for the modern church to draw upon, that the Bible provides unique revelation of God's wisdom and standards.
Worship is about responding to the Triune God with all of life
Community is rooted in the vulnerable unity made possible by the Holy Spirit.
Christ's church is the Imago Dei—God's image in the world.
God has sent the church on a journey into all the world to joyfully announce the rightful reign of the Christ, Jesus.

As Imago Dei has grown, so has the need to remain rooted in confession, prayer, repentance, and a constant engagement with why we want to be a people who pay intimate attention to God, who help strip each other of phony religiosity, and who are fully committed to worshipping God in and through everything.